Other Services

When L&B Technical Services Ltd begins work on your project we do so in the knowledge that the control of the project will stay firmly within our grasp.

To achieve this fundamental requirement we employ our own electrical personnel with an extensive knowledge of engineering scenarios: machine control and power wiring, but also with a knowledge and understanding of the demanding commercial sector, where aesthetics are as important as functionality.

The electrical installation of machinery and equipment requires care and skill to achieve a successful end result. L&B Technical Services have been involved in this industry for many years and our experience has helped both manufacturers and end-users alike to carry out installations of machinery with the minimum down-time and disruption to normal working patterns. We employ tried and tested working arrangements that ensure the integrity of existing control system terminations are maintained throughout from disconnection to start up.

L&B Technical Services has the electrical experience, equipment and skills necessary to tackle everything, from the vast machinery of the volume producer, to the needs of the small operator who may have just started out in business, to the commercial sector, where understanding our clients' needs and how best to meet them is critical. Office environments often require highly sophisticated electrical systems - and they need to perform, day-in, day-out. L&B believe that there is a choice between the easy way & the intelligent way and we are constantly striving to provide the most appropriate, effective solutions to meet our clients' needs, and to achieve them on time and on budget. We're active in the financial, IT, legal and public sectors, fitting-out, refurbishing, managing and maintaining large, highly complex electrical systems.

Regardless of size or sector, all our clients receive the same care and attention to their relocation or installation as would a large corporation, and the full benefit of our experience of large-scale operations. The L&B team is backed by years of experience in the electrical industry. Our policy is one of constant striving to be the best, not only in the field, but also behind the scenes in the office, where the firm base of every L&B contract lies. Beginning at the design stage, with thorough planning, good communications and the practice of efficient and effective management, every project receives the same care and attention to detail.

Wherever they may be working, our electricians can apply themselves to their task in the full knowledge that everyone under the L&B Technical Services banner has done their utmost to help them finish their job, on schedule and on budget. And that means you will have received the commitment so essential to the ongoing success of your company.