Other Services

When production machinery & equipment requires to be transferred abroad, L&B Technical services should be the first phone call you make. We provide a turnkey comprehensive export service, from collection at your premises or job site to final delivery.

Our long experience in exporting means you can leave the paperwork to us. We'll take care of all transit, customs documentation and customs clearance. Vulnerable or delicate parts can be suitably protected by electronic shock detector monitoring. We also offer equipment cleaning as part of the packing process if required, and because shipments undergo changing climatic conditions during the course of their journey, we treat all visible bright metal surfaces, before vacuum sealing them in a polythene cocoon with moisture-absorbing silica gel.

Finally, there is the external casing, constructed to meet BS 1133 and HPE. This is specially made, often to a unique design, for each shipment, to ensure that the machinery is properly protected at all times. This can either be provided at our specialist packing locations or on site, if that is more convenient. So when it comes to shipping and export, come straight to L&B Technical Services Ltd, because we deliver!