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For any project, its management is absolutely crucial to the success of any project and it is here that L&B Technical Service's depth of experience really comes into its own.

We'll manage the whole project from concept to completion. Individual projects have a dedicated management team allocated whose first job will be to analyse exactly what your needs and requirements are. This same team will then work with you through all stages of the contract to make sure that there is continuous control and consistent management throughout.

L&B Technical Service's approach is to work in partnership with our clients to develop engineering solutions tailored specifically to the project in hand. Quite often this results in a unique solution, tailored to fit a client's needs precisely. Knowing that an effective critical path analysis can make the difference between success and failure on complex projects, we make full use of state-of-the-art, computerised planning techniques. The result is that we can ensure that resources are maximised and lead times are minimised, thereby reducing the overall project costs.

Throughout the project, L&B make sure that there are regular management and operational briefings to agree work schedules, method statements and environmental requirements, so ensure everything is always kept on track.

Health and Safety issues do, of course, take the highest priority at all times, and the team will carry out a full risk assessment to protect both your employees and ours, as well as site visitors, members of the public and other contractors. We can also act as the Principal Contractor and/or Planning Coordinator where Construction (Design and Management) regulations apply.

By adopting a hands-on management approach and insisting on excellent communications at every level, we ensure that time schedules are achieved and budgets met. And the very many successful partnerships we have built with clients throughout the UK and overseas are testimony to the success of our project management skills.